Drop Off / Pick Up

Drop Off:

Consignors must plan to drop off their tagged items on the specified drop off date.  We will have a Sign-Up Genius schedule for you to choose a time that works best for you.  Plan to spend 30-minutes checking your items with someone at the consignment upon your arrival; this is to ensure that the items you have entered into the system or sold in the case of an online consignment are those that you have brought to the sale.

Finally, please bring a self-addressed, stamped #10 size envelope to drop off.  Commission checks will be mailed to consignors within ten business days of the close of the sale.  If you do not bring an envelope to drop off, $1 will be deducted from your commission check to cover the cost of the envelope and postage.

We will also pay commissions via PayPal or Venmo, at the consignors request, within ten business days of the close of the sale.

Pick Up for in-person consignments:

Consignors are required to pick up items during the times allotted on the last day of the sale.  If the consignor is unable to make it, please feel free to have a friend / family member pick up for you.  Also, ensure that you check the “lost tag” box prior to leaving for items that may be yours.

Please remember that we strive to ensure that unsold items are returned to their rightful owners. However, Scrap, Stamp Consign is not and will not be responsible for misplaced, lost or stolen items.

Those items not picked up within the allotted time frame will be donated to a local charity.